By Marcela & Graciela

We have the spiritual need to contribute positively to our environment to achieve emotional balance. Foundations, charities and social welfare policies in organisations are examples of this. 

To Amori D’Oro having the possibility to help a Foundation such as the Spanish Association for the Fight Against Cancer is an honor.

Helping those who struggle to stay alive every day is the greatest motivation to continue growing as a company.

“Helping those that fight for their life is an honour”

From this, our first Newsletter, we want to thank: 

THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF SIGNATURE JEWELRY, for allowing us to be part of them and participate on events like the Signature Jewelry Auction at the Real Club Náutico de SanXenxo.  A charity auction to support those who are an example of tenacity, fortitude and gratitude.  Who better than them to teach us to be grateful for every second of life.