Thanks to the refinement of the metals we can separate the amount of pure gold and silver without league, thus making the most of your old jewels to turn them into a new design.
Sometimes we have special jewels that have come to us from generation to generation or that we acquired a while ago and that have a special value but that currently do not suit our tastes. Amori Phoenix allows you to reconvert your old jewelry into a new one by reusing its materials and exclusively creating a current piece so that you can enjoy it every day.

How does it work?


1 / Contact

Get in touch with us without obligation through the form that you will find on this page. We will schedule an appointment with our creative director so you can tell us what you need.

2 / Weighing and Refining

We weigh your old jewels - metals and stones - that you want to reuse to send them to refining. We perform the evaluation of the gems, to know which are adaptable and reusable for the new design. Once the refining process is finished, we prepare a quote for the materials that will be needed for the new piece.

Exclusive design

3 / Design

With the amount of metal defined and the gems available, our designer will make the designs and the prototype (wax model) of the new piece for your approval.

4 / Confirmation

Once we have agreed on the final design as well as the quote for the part and we receive your approval, we will begin to create it.


5 / Creation

Our jewelery master will craft the chosen model in our workshops in Switzerland, taking care of the detail and quality of it in a time of 2 to 3 weeks.

6 / Delivery

Receive at the address that you decide the finished jewel you always wanted, with our guarantee certificate and care guide.


Request a non-binding appointment

with our creative director