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Redesign your old Jewellery through our AMORIDORO´s Phoenix experience.

We can refine your broken and old Jewelry into unique pieces, so you can also help reduce carbon emissions and save our environment.

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sustainable future for Jewelry

Primary gold production is responsible for 38% of global mercury emissions, particularly medium- and small-scale mining.

Our commitment and contribution in the reduction of the carbon footprint, facilitate your business the service of redesigning Jewelry using the metal refining process.

Recycling metals reduces Carbon emissions?

With the help of metal refinement, pure gold and silver can be extracted from old jewelry and reworked as desired. Our client will be able to recover part of the residual value of the piece and at the same time transform or preserve the emotional value of it.

Whether special heirlooms that have been passed on from generation to generation, or jewelry of particularly high ideal value, we adapt the pieces according to customer requirements.

PHOENIX offers a unique custom design service, based on a sustainable production process of recycling metal and other precious materials. Because everything counts to save our Planet.

How does it work?

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Potential Client contact with our Jewelry Business partner to request a service. Book your appointment!

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Jewelry Business partners gather all technical information and client’s expectations in regards to the new piece.

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Design the piece and produce a model to be approved by the client.

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Prepare a quote to produce the design approved.

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Get Client’s formal approval to both design and Quote.

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Work on the new piece and confirm its delivery date.