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Creativity for me is a way of life. It is reflected in everything I live, observe, say, and in the way I do it. It reverberates in the way I relate to the environment through my personal distances. Through creativity I expand my horizons, quench my curiosity, live every minute to the fullest, always keeping alive the expectation to Be and grow; I nourish my inner self, treasuring the experience gained during this journey. 

Being creative does not only mean ‘producing something aesthetic or beautiful’, but it is also knowing how to take life for what it is: a grain of sand falling through the hourglass, knowing how to capture its beauty. My jewelry speaks of me and the passion with which I live. They are unique, as is everyone. They have a strong and recognizable identity. They speak of dreams and fairy tales, but also of memories linked to my homeland, Colombia. Their elegant and harmonious presence is a message of light and beauty played out between the colors of the stones and the contrasts of gold and silver. 

In life, and with my creations, I wish to leave my mark. My mark. And at the end of this earthly chapter, to have had the great pleasure of having done good of having beautified and made those around me flourish.


Marcela has been successfully driving a diverse range of businesses and projects for the last 20 years. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia in May 1975 where she grew up and went to college at Universidad Piloto, the premier institution for architectural studies in the country, where she graduated in 1999.

Ever since then, her passion for culture and history have led her to move around with her family and live in Europe, UK and the US, where she ran a variety of business projects for prestigious companies such as Pfizer, MSD, and Sodexo. At the same time, she kept honing her business skills with several postgraduate courses in management and finance.

On the back of this experience, she decided it was time to “go back to the source” and reunite with her youth’s soulmate, Graciela, to leverage on their desire for perfection and make the world a nicer place, One jewel at a time.

Exclusive craftmanship
Exclusive craftmanship

Unique, Unrepeatable and Limited editions

All our jewelry is handcrafted in our workshops in Switzerland. In this way, we manage to offer our clients unique and unrepeatable pieces and limited editions that ensure the exclusivity of our designs.

A Guaranteed Jewel

Our commitment to our clients is the most important thing. All our creations have a guarantee and exclusivity certificate that identifies them as unrepeatable jewels. Amori D’Oro offers each client a care guide for jewelry and a repair service if necessary.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Transparency in the choice of materials is our duty to customers. Our jewelry is produced using local resources and natural materials throughout the process, adopting the most eco-efficient ways of producing. Thinking about making the most of existing resources, the Amori Phoenix line allows you to reconvert your old jewels into a new design using its materials and gems.