Our most exclusive jewelry


Wonderful creativity combine with the beauty of the nature, implemented in a modern way. Unique for every wearer.

Regula Gouraige

Graciela's unique Jewelry is made with a lot of love and It is fascinating. I have recently bought a ring and I am extremlt stisfied with its quality and beauty. I use it very often

Mersija PJanic

Very nice pieces. Many different styles, and great Stones. There is something for everybody. Great Advice

Susan Busek

Visitamos la fabrica y tuvimos la oportunidad de ver como es el proceso de fabricación de las joyas, probarlas y escoger entre una gran variedad de piedras. Los diseños exclusivos de Graciela su amabilidad, y su paciencia con nuestra elección, nos dejaron muy impresionados. Gracias por la atención e invitación a tus eventos.

Yuri Dominguez

I have been a customer of Amori D'Oro for quite a while and even before that I was also a client of their founders' previous ventures. Simply put, their blend of sophistication, creativity and handcraft is absolutely unique

Jesús M.

I love the delicacy of the shapes wrought around the stones. Their shapes and final consistency are just amazing


Stunning pieces of art. My wedding and anniversary rings are from Amori. It always has the style I am looking for

Marcela C.


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